Fundamental Rights of Every Taxi Passenger

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Taxicab is probably the most convenient way of transportation in the United States. As a matter of fact, more than 50,000 cabs operate in New York alone. It has also been reported that about 300,000 passengers take a taxi ride in New York every day in order to reach their destination.


Taxi passengers actually have certain rights that they may not completely know about. In this article, we will discuss the rights that all taxi passengers have.

  1. Right to Meter

The rights of the taxi passenger include the right to know the present condition of the taxi meter. Taxi drivers are prohibited to ride customers in a cab with defective or broken meter. The meter fare should be visibly clear to the customers. Taxi meter must only be turned on the moment the ride of the passenger starts. Some irresponsible taxi drivers scam their passengers with malfunctioning taxi meters so you should be aware about it as well. Make sure that you only choose a professional and well known taxi service provider. After all, they have a reputation to maintain.

  1. Say No to Multiple Hiring 

Once you have already hired the taxi, the driver is not supposed to hire another party. Multiple hiring shouldn’t be accommodated even if the other party might be going to the same location where you are heading. The taxi you hired must give you the complete exclusive service throughout your ride since you hired the cab first.

However, in some cases when a passenger who first hired the cab permits the driver to hire a third party passenger, in that case the cab driver can share the ride with other passengers. However, the condition is that both passengers must be heading in the same direction and both drop off is near around. Each passenger will then be entitled to pay the 75% or less of the taxi meter.

  1. Right to Collect Receipt

Taxi drivers must produce official receipt to the passenger as per his or her demand. The driver must also be completely responsible in explanation all the calculation of costs to customer. The official invoice produced by a taxi driver should include these details:

  • Accreditation number of the driver
  • Taxi number
  • Driver’s ABN
  • Payment date
  • Everything that is included in the total fare
  • Total paid amount
  • Driver’s signature
  1. Right to Sound System

As a taxi passenger, you have the right to ask the cab driver for sound system or to tune in to the radio. It’s completely the passenger’s choice whether he or she wants to converse with the cab driver or not during the passenger’s travel.

  1. Right to Select Route

It’s the passenger’s right to make any choices about what route to take in order to reach his or her desired destination. However, the taxi driver can still suggest the passenger with the safest and shortest route possible.

  1. Clean Taxi

The taxi must be tidy, neat and clean. It should follow all the neat and clean taxi service standards. In short, the taxi must be roadworthy and the taxi company should make sure that their passengers will be comfortable inside the vehicle during the travel .




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